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4Cast is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified solutions provider in the defense, security, HLS, enterprise and healthcare market. A spinoff of Eltel which was founded in 1979, today it is privately-owned by the international MALAM Team Group, the largest and leading IT services group in Israel.

4Cast employs dedicated and experienced personnel involved in R&D, sales and support of advanced, customized solutions in the following areas:

  • Decision Support Solutions: We develop advanced, state-of-the-art, customized platforms and solutions that support decision-making processes in order to optimize effectiveness. Based on a unique decision-making methodology ideally suited for crisis management, they turn information into knowledge. Read more
  • Training Solutions: We specialize in providing a range of training solutions, from advanced AR/VR simulators and IOT/AI-based platforms to conventional training. They are ideal for the training of multi-disciplinary military personnel and emergency forces in both classrooms and in live, virtual and constructive (LVC) environments such as battlefields and urban terrains. Read more
  • Talent Management Solutions: We support organizations in the nurturing of their most important asset – their employees. Our talent management solutions focus on providing the strategic support that is essential for organizations to achieve their long-term goals and meet their objectives. Read more



Our state-of-the-art, customized products are based on IOT infrastructures, extensive operational experience, high-end technologies, exclusive methodologies, academic research and AI, enabling them to meet customer needs through proven, effective and affordable solutions.

Our R&D and engineering activities are performed by teams of highly experienced engineers and developers from multiple disciplines and areas of expertise. Our operations and manufacturing departments maintain extensive technology and engineering capabilities, supporting the initiation and improvement of production processes, advanced experimentation techniques and other relevant methodologies. And all our activities are supported by rigorous quality assurance processes for full compliance with required standards.

The vast resources that we invest in R&D are based on internal resources (with or without the participation of other parties) and grants from the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Economics. Dedicated to the development of new technologies, the enhancement and improvement of existing systems and products, the acceleration of design and manufacturing processes and the reduction of costs for our customers, they include the integration of:

  • IoT, the inter-networking of physical devices, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity, enabling these objects to collect and exchange data.
  • Academic research of incident analysis and crowd behavior, based on the assumption that modeling human behavior and predicting human decisions is necessary to develop formal models for decision-making.
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, decision theories, game theories, non-classical logic, optimization under uncertainty and psychology doctrines as a basis for the development of crowd behavior methods and algorithms that improve decision-making processes.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create interactive and digitally manipulated real-world environments based on realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that replicate environments and create imaginary settings, as well as a user’s physical presence, in training simulators.
  • Methodology-based models to increase personnel competency and readiness for decision making.
  • Big data analytics, historical experience and process to deliver simulations, knowledge, insights, predictions and modeling to identify and prioritize threats in real time.


Nissim Titan


Nissim understands that everything we do in our personal and professional lives is based on our ability to make decisions, and that making good decisions when it counts requires knowledge, experience and insight. He joined the company in 2004, bringing with him extensive expertise in the development of qualification methodologies and CRPM, which he pioneered in the IDF. His career has included the initiation and leadership of complex projects for the implementation of organizational measurements and qualification approaches used today in the IDF, from which he retired with rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Nissim has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University.

Ohad Manor

R&D Director

Since joining the company in 2008, Ohad has been involved in constructive simulation and the development of complex mathematical algorithms. Serving in his current position since 2010, he has extensive knowledge and experience in command & control systems and GIS systems. Prior to 4Cast, Ohad held a number of positions in system engineering and system integration for simulators and other military systems in Elta, a subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries. He has a BSc in Nuclear Engineering, majoring in Program Engineering, from Ben Gurion University.


Malam Team is the largest and leading IT services group in Israel, offering a comprehensive range of computer services in the field of information technology. It also includes a number of subsidiaries, such as 4Cast, which specialize in distinctive technologies and solutions complementing the Group’s main areas of activity. These subsidiaries are an inseparable part of the business, working in complete synergy with the Malam Team to enable it to provide comprehensive, professional solutions.

Known for quality, customer service and professionalism at an international level, the Group’s more than 3,400 employees combine innovation and decades of experience in establishing, implementing and integrating information systems.

Malam Team is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Committed to professionalism, excellence and true partnership with both clients and employees, it has strategic partnerships with companies that are international leaders in their respective fields.