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CRPM (Competence Readiness & Performance Management) for Enterprises

Successful management of any organization is dependent on the ability to make decisions. CRPM is an advanced decision support system that leverages methodology-based models to increase personnel competency and readiness for decision making. Providing a real-time snapshot view of any given situation at the press of a button, it enables organizations to understand and rate their levels of competence and the decisions they can make, as well as the consequences of each decision. Consequently, it ensures performance management and decision-making competence and readiness, when it counts.

This innovative approach to decision-making processes is achieved using models based on information systems populated with extensive data. Starting with the purpose of the organization, CRPM then proceeds to create methodology, modeling and data mining in order to generate reports that support actual decision-making. Finally, by monitoring performance, it ensures operational effectiveness in all situations and at all times.

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