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Firefighter Simulator

This simulator is designed for training firefighters for the unprecedented complexity and uncertainty of our world, where risks are often hidden and opportunities and constraints may rapidly evolve. Enhancing preparedness for emergency responses in disaster management, the simulator addresses firefighter challenges and threats through scenario-based training based on an adaptive scenario generator. Suitable for both individual and collective learning, it reflects real live threats and addresses trainee competencies.

Consequently, this simulator is a valuable tool to improve the performance of decision-making in disaster situations and emergency management. Enabling the training of firefighters in the execution of relevant procedures and processes according to changing threats and competencies, and the practice of decision-making in complex and dynamic environments, it provides essential insights into organization, team and individual performance. By providing an automated approach to planning ahead and the ability to generate simulated scenarios that reflect real-live situations in real-time, it offers an opportunity to improve outcomes and strengthen training for disaster and emergency responses.

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