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Our holistic training environment is an LVC platform that provides the vital connection between technological developments and operational changes. Supporting operations research and planning groups, personnel training and competence, it optimizes the training environment by bringing the battlefield to the trainee. And when trainees are located in multiple geographic locations, it simulates military operations in combat training exercises, enabling trainees to learn how to work together, as well as learn from each other.

The LVC overcomes all connectivity requirements and literally enables training as an army actually fights. It interfaces between existing operational systems, command, control and combat systems, arena generators, trainers and simulators for optimal sharing of operational logic and services. In a single session, trainees can meet multiple models of computation and presentation of data, such as line of site and electromagnetic wave propagation. The result is a unified, virtual reality that enables the training of soldiers on how to actually fight, preparing them for the real-time responses they will require in the battlefield.